CSC Plate Inspection Certificate

The survey is simply a trained inspector confirming that the container is up to the standards listed on the CSC plate. The completed survey is then passed to your shipping company to confirm that the SOC (shipper owned container) is up to the safety standards required for stacking on a ship.

PES & ACEP Examination

With a goal of assuring the safe handling of containers and protection of human life, the CSC includes regulations for the regular inspection and testing of containers. The CSC offers two options to ensure containers are inspected regularly .

The “Periodic Examination Scheme”, known as PES wherein each individual container must be checked by an expert at a defined regular interval. The deadline for next inspection is engraved on the CSC plate affixed on the right hand door of each container.

The “Approved Continuous Examination Program” known as ACEP. The ACEP is available to owners and operators that can demonstrate that each and every container will be inspected by a qualified technician at a maximum interval of 30 months during the course of normal operations.


Lashing Certificate

The purpose of Lashing Survey is to ensure that the package stowed on the container or on the vessel etc… will be stand at its ordered position at all times without shifting/moving transverse or longitudinal, without damage until delivering time to the consignee.

Our surveyor will justify the stowage condition, contribution condition of cargo weight on the transportation means such as: dry container, open top container, flat rack container, platform container, vessel etc… checking the lashing facilities condition to be used to tighten/secure the cargo and method of lashing applied to.


General Condition Survey

A lot of general cargoes is carried in the containers. Thus, companies that deal with containerized shipping are often interested in surveys of containers.

Determining whether a container is unsuitable for cargo can greatly reduce the risk of liability for firms exporting goods. Companies seek shop inspectors who have the experience and qualifications to verify the structural integrity of containers.

Containers are also the subject of “on hire container survey/ off hire container survey” too. They spend almost their entire life out of the hands of their owners on whose behalf they are usually on hire to some party.


Damage Muayenesi

When things go wrong with Cargo and Shipping, they can go very wrong, very fast. If your container and/or goods were or might have been damaged in transport, call Inspectainer to have us perform a Cargo Damage Survey right away!

We will survey the containers with the utmost care are accurately report any damaged caused by fire, explosions, water, other liquids, shortages, or cargo related damages.

Container and Cargo Damage Surveys are required by many insurance companies in order to file an accurate, third party verified loss claim.


After - Repair Survey

Shipping containers are regularly damaged in transport. Sometimes cosmetic, but other times structural. When damages do occur, and can be repaired, it is routine for a survey to be performed upon completion of the repair work.

This Inspection ensures the container is once again suitable for the transportation of goods, will be able to withstand rated weight loads, and any other unique and specific rating the container might have.

If you had a damaged container repaired and are in need a a survey to ensure it is good to go, the Inspectainer team is your best resource.


Fleet Survey

Need to verify your container fleet entity on field(s)?

inspecTAINER is ready to do it as your behalf. The number of units, before and/or after repair surveys damage status and etc… all can be done at any point by InspecTAINER on the behalf of fleet managers.

inspecTAINER is your loyalexperiencedprofessional eye for container.

We provide you a world-class look at containers.

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